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The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has left many children orphaned and vulnerable across India. Countless children have lost both their parents, while many are merely surviving with a single parent, who is not able to support the children financially and emotionally. In most of such cases, the relatives, too, turn indifferent. These Covid orphans are often left with no support and enormous helplessness. The purpose of Digital Bharati, which is an initiative of PIIndia, is to support those students who have lost both or either of their parents in the current Covid-19 crisis. This project will provide them scholarships so that they can continue their education without any hindrance.

We are looking to support these students for a period of the next 5 years. On a need basis, they would be given coupons that they can utilize to purchase educational subscriptions at leading ed-tech companies. Also, students would be given access to laptops and tablets as well to further support their learning. More than 1 million deaths are likely due to the ongoing Covid crisis. This would involve 200,000 parents impacting nearly half a million children.


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