What is the eligibility criteria for availing the scholarship?
Eligibility criteria:
  • Need cum crisis based scholarship
  • Students who lost their parent(s) since January 2020.
  • No minimum academic percentage, however, students should be continuing their education.
  • PAN India students are eligible to participate
  • Death certificate along with an identity proof of parent/guardian
  • Any guardian/parent can fill the form on behalf of student (Uncle, aunty, teacher, tutor, grandparents)
  • Digital verification of selected beneficiaries.
What is the criteria for scholarship renewal?
Based on the following criteria, students will be considered for their scholarship renewal in successive years
  • No dropout (from regular academic sessions)
  • Final decision by a selection committee based on student need as well as availability of resource
What is the procedure for fund disbursement?
Voucher codes will be transferred on an annual basis to students/guardians.

- Students need to meet renewal scholarship eligibility criteria and upload following documents in an online scholar tracking system.

  • Admission proof that they have progressed in next year.
  • Academic grade report that they passed the last exam